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K-9 Unit

​The mission of the Wichita Police Department's K-9 Unit is to:

  • Support field personnel and other law enforcement agencies in their efforts to detect and identify controlled substances.
  • Assist in the prosecution of criminal cases in which canine units are utilized to detect evidence of crimes.
  • Aid in locating lost, missing persons or criminal suspects in an emergency situation.
  • Familiarize law enforcement personnel with the capabilities and limitations of the police canines.
  • Promote public relations and awareness through educational programs.


For information on having a K-9 perform a demonstration for your school, Cub Scout/Girl Scout troop, church group or any group presentation.

Email Sgt. Jonker


"Rinni" was the first police dog to go into training for police work for the Wichita Police Department. The 65 pound, two-year old German Shepherd was donated by a 17 year old after an article in the newspaper indicated Chief Pond was interested in establishing a K-9 Unit. The dog was trained near Springfield, Missouri. The training lasted 3 months for the dog and 10 days of 17-hour a day training for the handler. Shortly after "Rinni" was introduced, the Wichita Police Department's K-9 Unit was born. On July 8th, 1960, six dog/officer teams hit the street.

Ten Wichita Police Department dog/officer teams - date unknown.
Four Wichita Police Department dog/officer teams - date unknown.
Officer training his dog - date unknown.


The Wichita Police Department has five dog teams including one supervisor and four officers.

Each dog is a dual purpose dog meaning they sniff for narcotics and perform patrol work. The dog teams assist Patrol, Narcotics and SWAT. A patrol dog can search buildings, track suspects, locate evidence, apprehend fleeing criminals, and are trained in handler protection.

Our dogs are currently purchased from Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana. When they are purchased, they are "green" dogs.

Our dogs/handlers attend a 10-week in-house training and certify through the Kansas Highway Patrol.