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Snow Removal

Meet the Snow Plows​​

Aaron Brrrr

Auntie Arctica

Baby Snowda

Betty WhiteOut

Blizzard of Oz

Blizzard Wizard

Bohemian Rhapsnowd

Brine and Dandy

Catch My Drift

Chill Bill

Chilly Dog

Clearing Present Danger


Ctrl Salt Delete

Darth Blader

Don't Flurry Be Happy

Edgar Allen Snow

Edward Blizzardhands


Every day I'm Shovelin​

F. Salt Fitzgerald

Frost Responder

Great and Plowerful Oz

Henry David Thor-Snow


Ice Breaker

I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered

I Can Street Clearly Now

I Snow You Can do It

Ice Force One

Ice fought the Thaw and the Thaw Won

Ice of Life

Ice to See You

Ice-Stein Theory of Relativity


It's Snow Problem

License to Chill

Lil Snow Peep

Lord Cold-emort

Mission Implowsible

Mr. Plow

Mr. Sandman

No Business Like Snow Business

No More Mr. Ice Guy

Not Snow Fast

Only Have Ice for You

Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya

Peppy La Plow

​Plow Bunyan


Plowasaurus Rex

Plower Ranger

Plowthagorean Theorem 

Plowy McPlowface

Point of Snow Return

Sand and Deliver

Saltimus Brine

Shock and Thaw

Slush Puppy

Snow and Tell​

​Snow Diggity

Snow Force 1

Snow More Mr. Ice Guy

Snow Place Like Home

Snowba Fett

Snowbi One Kenobi

Snowbody Like You

Snow Worries

Sweet Caro-brine

Squall Bunyan

Thaw Enforcement


The Big LePlowski

The Fast and the Flurriest

The Scrape Gatsby

To Brine Ownself Be True

William Scrape-speare

Wolfgang Amadeus Snowzart

You're Killin Me Squalls

The Snow Removal map provides real-time location of snowplows within the City of Wichita. In addition, it provides up to 24 hours of location data where the snowplows have treated streets. ​

Download the 2022-2023 Snow & Ice Routes.