Animal Control

About Us

The Wichita Animal Shelter is located at 3303 N Hillside. It is south of Highway K-96 on The Murfin Animal Care Campus next to the Kansas Humane Society. It was built in 2009 and houses both Animal Control and Animal Shelter staff. The building is able to hold 170 dogs and 252 cats at one time, and is the major holding facility for lost or stray pets in Sedgwick County. The shelter contracts its services to local Animal Control agencies like Sedgwick County, Clearwater, Derby, Park City, Maize, and Valley Center.

If you have lost your pet, the animal shelter is where you want to begin looking. Visit the shelter and walk through to see if your pet was picked up by Animal Control or brought in by a concerned individual. We also have suggestions available to help you find lost pets.

Our Mission

  • Promote and insure public health and safety.
  • facilitate responsible pet ownership.
  • humanely and responsibly care for the animals in our charge.
  • provide prompt and courteous service to our customers.
  • provide education and positive enforcement efforts.

We do this to prevent the expense and suffering caused to both humans and pet animals due directly and indirectly to animal bites, and neglect of proper basic pet ownership responsibilities. Our goal is to insure public health, safety, and animal welfare in our community.

Our Services

The Animal Control program serves the citizens of Wichita with animal control, rabies control, and leash law enforcement services. In addition, the department provides the entire Sedgwick County area with animal bite investigations and quarantines for biting animals.

The department operates the only full-service public sector animal shelter in Sedgwick County and provides animal sheltering services to all of Sedgwick County. We also provide services to area veterinarian clinics and support to the Wichita Police Department, Sedgwick County Animal Control, and various other cities and agencies within Sedgwick County as needed.

Our services include:

  • Pick up of stray, sick, and injured animals.
  • Dead animal pickup.
  • Animal bite investigations.
  • Live animal traps.
  • Animal cruelty and neglect investigations.

We also provide public information presentations about our department and its services, tours of the Wichita Animal Shelter, and an officer "ride along" program. These services require prior arrangement with the department. You can contact us by telephone at 316-350-3360.