Riverfront Stadium Parking & Transportation

General Parking

With more than 9,000 parking spaces near the stadium and along the shuttle route, visitors can find ample parking for events. As roads may be congested, it is best to plan ahead when you drive. Identify where you plan to park and map your routes both to your parking location and the stadium. Parking lots and garages may have fees to park, especially during high-demand times. Limited on-street parking is available around the stadium.

Download the Parking Map (PDF).

Parking Map

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Parking

Handicapped-accessible parking is available at each parking facility. If the location where you are parking is staffed by an attendant, then be sure to show your blue hang-tag (or point out your plate) to parking lot staff and the attendant will help direct you to an area with open spaces.

Public Transportation

The Riverfront Stadium is located just steps away from multiple transit connections, including the free Q-LINE circulator and multiple bus routes. Plan your trip using Wichita Transit online trip planner and the MyStop mobile app, as well as the links on this page with more information.


The Q-LINE is a free downtown circulator that runs along Douglas Avenue with service to Riverfront Stadium Monday through Saturday.


Ride-Hailing Services

Stadium RenderingMultiple ride-hailing companies including Uber and Lyft currently operate in Wichita and service the downtown area. The City is working to identify possible passenger loading zones.

Biking & Scooting

With the multiple mobility sharing systems, including two scooter systems and one bike share system, the new Downtown Stadium is only a short ride away.

Please note that scooters cannot be operated after 9 pm or dusk, whichever occurs earlier.


The Downtown Stadium is conveniently located and accessible by walking from Downtown, Delano, and other areas. Sidewalks are in place along most streets, with lighting, and multiple pedestrian crossings that make it easier to get to and from the Downtown Stadium. In addition, two bridges over the Arkansas River provide access to the stadium from downtown.

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