City-Wide Bicycle Plans & Policies

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Bicycle & Pedestrian Neighborhood Circulation Plans

The City is working with neighborhoods to improve conditions for bicycling and walking. This project will help by developing a toolkit that local communities can create their own neighborhood-level bicycle and pedestrian circulation plans. The materials will be developed in partnership with two pilot neighborhoods, Uptown and Hilltop. The resulting toolkit will be used to develop plans for other city neighborhoods. See the Bicycle and Pedestrian Neighborhood Circulation Plans.

Bicycle Counting Guidance & Demonstration Project

The purpose of the Bicycle Counting Guidance and Demonstration Project is to develop bicycle counting guidance and to undertake a demonstration project for bicycle counting. This project helps to implement the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan, which recommends that Wichita track the level of bicycling.

Wichita Bicycle Master Plan

The Wichita Bicycle Master Plan provides guidance for the development and implementation of bicycle projects and programs for the City of Wichita. It was endorsed by the Wichita City Council on February 5, 2013. (Resolution 13-025)

Wichita Bicycle Wayfinding System Plan

The Wichita Bicycle Wayfinding System Plan will serve as a guide for the City of Wichita, with recommendations for how the City should use bicycle wayfinding to make it easier for people to get around the City on a bicycle. The Plan will help implement the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan Strategy 2.

Wichita Multi-Modal Policy & Street Design Guidance

The Multi-Modal policy directs staff to consider multiple modes of transportation and the context for improvement and maintenance projects in street rights-of-way and public access easements. The policy helps formalize the City's design practices and coordination with planning efforts. The Street Design Guidance provides guidance for the design of public streets. It provides greater levels of predictability and layout options for the multi-modal design of Wichita streets.

Wichita Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

The Wichita Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (PDF) provides guidance for the provision, maintenance, and programming of parks, recreation, and open space resources. It was adopted as an element of the Wichita-Sedgwick County Comprehensive Plan in 2009.

Wichita Priority Safety Corridor Plan

The Wichita Priority Corridor Plan will recommend ways to make Broadway Avenue between 11th Street and 3rd Street safer and more inviting for people to travel along and across Broadway. The project will build on previous community planning efforts, including the Historic Midtown Neighborhood Transportation and Streetscapes Plan, and the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan. The recommendations will include short-term and long-term concepts.

Wichita Street Safety Education Initiative

The Wichita Street Safety Education Initiative provides a strategy for future safety outreach efforts.