Other Bicycle & Pedestrian Documents

Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines

The Wichita Pedestrian Crossing Treatment Guidelines have been created in order to help ensure a consistent approach for the evaluation and installation of marked crosswalks in the City of Wichita. The purpose of the policy is to help provide for consistent applications of crosswalks to help increase safety and predictability for people walking and others. This project will help to implement the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan Strategy 2.

People First Neighborhood Pilot Project

Project Downtown - The Master Plan for Downtown Wichita

Project Downtown is the downtown master plan for the City of Wichita. It guides development, the provision of infrastructure, and municipal services within downtown. The plan outlines a vision for downtown that enables people to live, work, shop, play, and learn within a short walk. One of the key goals of the plan is to support development that fosters walkable connections. Downtown streets are identified as walkable development focus areas with recreation overlays. The plan gives specific recommendations per downtown district (outlined below in table) and calls for better pedestrian street crossings, pedestrian maps, wayfinding signs, links across large blocks, and more public art.

Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan

The Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan provides guidance for how the City of Wichita should improve conditions for walking through the development and implementation of both projects and programs. The Plan was endorsed by the Wichita City Council on November 4, 2014 (Resolution 14-317)

Wichita Senior Walking Routes

The Wichita Senior Walking Route project will identify and prioritize walking-related improvements, with a focus on seniors in two areas of the City: Grove Street Corridor and West Downtown and East Delano. The project will create neighborhood pedestrian circulation plans for pedestrian improvements at and around senior-focused sites within the two focus areas. In addition to the creation of the individual plans, the project will create program guidelines for City of Wichita neighborhood pedestrian circulation plans. This project will build upon previous community planning efforts, including the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan.

Wichita-Sedgwick County Subdivision Regulations

The division and improvement of lands within Wichita or portions of unincorporated Sedgwick County must comply with the Wichita-Sedgwick County Subdivision Regulations. The Subdivision Regulations regulate many elements of the physical environment, including sidewalks, parking, and street designs.