Wichita Senior Walking Routes


The Wichita Senior Walking Route project will identify and prioritize walking-related improvements, with a focus on seniors in two areas of the City: Grove Street Corridor and West Downtown and East Delano. The project will create neighborhood pedestrian circulation plans for pedestrian improvements at and around senior-focused sites within the two focus areas. In addition to the creation of the individual plans, the project will create program guidelines for the City of Wichita neighborhood pedestrian circulation plans. This project will build upon previous community planning efforts, including the Wichita Pedestrian Master Plan.

Planning Process

The Wichita Senior Walking Routes project began in May and will conclude in September. The process includes:

  • Senior walking route guidelines and rating system development
  • Senior walking focus area selection
  • Neighborhood walk audits
  • Senior walking route plan development
  • Stakeholder outreach and engagement

Highlights from the planning process will be posted below.

Public Engagement

The public is encouraged to share their walking experiences, ideas, and feedback through the upcoming neighborhood walk audits, and on draft project materials at future Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board meetings. Your input will help inform the project's understanding of existing walking conditions, identify needs and opportunities, and shape the project's recommendations. Opportunities for engagement will be posted below:

Neighborhood Walk Audits

Consider joining us for a walk audit in your community. Your feedback will inform the City of Wichita's work in developing senior neighborhood walking routes in these two neighborhoods. Those who are unable to join for the walks are invited to join for post-walk discussions immediately following the walks.

Walk Audit participants should be comfortable walking or rolling for approximately 30 to 45 minutes during the walk audit.

Advisory Boards

The Wichita Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Board will be consulted for input about the projects.

Agency Engagement

Planning Team

The team consists of City staff and Toole Design Group staff. The Planning team is responsible for organizing meetings and events, concept development, technical analysis, and writing project documents.