​Board of Bids & C​​ontracts


  • 10 am
  • Every Monday
  • Finance Conference Room
    12th floor of City Hall

Meetings are open to the public.


The Board of Bids and Contracts was established by City ordinance in 1956 as an advisory board of the City Commission. Since its inception, the development of the Board of Bids and Contracts has focused a large portion of the responsibility for purchases where the statutory limitation applies and formal bid procedures are followed. It is, therefore, necessary to thoroughly examine the policies and procedures of the Board of Bids and Contracts before a complete understanding of the purchasing process of the City of Wichita can be achieved.


The Board is composed of:

  • City Manager, Chairman
  • Director of Public Works, Vice Chair
  • Director of Finance
  • City Attorney
  • Budget Officer
  • or duly appointed representatives

The duties and jurisdiction of the Board is set forth by ordinance. The Board is empowered to review all bids for public improvements (streets, sewers, etc.) and bids on all purchases, and forward their recommendations to the City Council for final approval. In carrying out their responsibilities, the Board has developed policies that aid in the determination of awarding purchase contracts.