Electric scooters are a new transportation option, operating in multiple cities around the country and in neighboring states. The City of Wichita is currently in the process of conducting pilots that allow multiple scooter companies to operate in Wichita. The pilots will help determine if electric scooter-sharing systems are a good fit for Wichita.

Laws and Regulations

On June 18, 2019, the Wichita City Council approved Ordinance 51-049, allowing the operation of electric-assisted scooters as part of a sharing system in Wichita and establishing regulations for their operation/use. The regulations do not apply to scooters owned by individuals.

Pilot Operating Agreement

The City Council endorsed the pilot operating agreement on June 4, 2019. Any scooter company that wants to operate a scooter-sharing system in the City will need to enter into a 12-month-long pilot operating agreement before they can begin operations in Wichita.

Currently, one company is operating in Wichita after taking part in the 12-month pilot agreement. Veo, which has operated in Wichita since 2019, has seen nearly 200,000 rides and over 50,000 unique customers. In Wichita, Veo offers its Astro stand-up scooter.

View Veo's current operating agreement (PDF).

Safety Information

Per the operating agreements, each of the scooter companies is responsible for the following safety-related activities. Please refer to their websites for additional information.

  • Working with local businesses or other organizations to promote the use of helmets by users (Section 9.c.)
  • Implementing a marketing and targeted community outreach plan at its own costs (Section 9.b.)

Current Practice Review

The City of Wichita worked with a team to develop a document that summarized how scooter operations are permitted and regulated in other communities.

  • E-Scooter Current Practice Review

User Guidance

City laws and regulations related to scooter operations can be found in the City's Municipal Code. Please note: the regulations do not apply to scooters owned by individuals.

  • Cannot operate on the sidewalk
  • Can operate on bike paths and roadways posted 35 miles per hour or less
  • Can only operate until 9 pm or dusk
  • No helmet, insurance, driver's license, or registration required
  • Cannot ride more than two abreast
  • Need to ride as close to the right as possible.
  • No more than one person on the scooter at a time and cannot cling to a vehicle
  • Parked scooters cannot block transit zones, loading zones, curb ramps, disabled parking zones, parking spaces, and entrances to driveways
  • Riders must be 18 years of age or older

Scooter Rules

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Advisory Board

The Wichita Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board advises the City Council and City staff about programs, projects, and policies that impact scooter use in Wichita.

Scooter Updates

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E-Scooter Reporting and Feedback


Scooter companies are required to list company contact information on scooters and to have their customer service lines available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To report any issues, you can email Veo's Customer Support team or call them at 855-836-2256.

To learn more about Veo and its program in Wichita, visit Veo's website.

To report scooters that are blocking pedestrian travel and/or present a traffic hazard, please contact City staff at 316-352-4824.


If you need to report unsafe scooter riders, please call 911.


You can provide feedback to the City regarding Scooters by filling out our online feedback form.