High Water Bill

Water Bill: Reasons for a High Billing Amount

High Water Bills are caused by high water usage.  High water usage can occur when the weather warms and you start watering your yard or garden.

Large water usage can also be caused by a leaking toilet or faucet.  A toilet flapper leak is often undetectable but is easy to check for and easy to fix.  To find out whether there is a toilet leak:

  1. Open the lid on the back of the toilet.
  2. Put enough dark food coloring into the tank to significantly darken the water. Make certain to put the coloring into the tank on the back of the toilet and not into the toilet bowl. 
  3. After about 15 minutes, check the color of the water in the toilet bowl. Color in the bowl area indicates that there is a leak.

Faucets with worn washers or cartridges can also cause leaks that use extra water, For instructions to fix these common leaks, select the link below. 

Easy to Fix Leaks