Real Change, Not Spare Change

When you see someone who appears to be homeless on a street corner asking for money, you may be tempted to give. But there are better ways to help.

Please watch this brief video and review the resources listed on this page.

Donation Options

Consider giving to one of these community partners who provide homeless services. This is a much better approach than giving money to someone on a street corner who may not actually be homeless or may use the money to support addictions that perpetuate the cycle of homelessness.

  1. Shelters
  2. Meals
  3. Additional Information

Wichita Police Department's Homeless Outreach Team

The Wichita Police Department's award-winning Homeless Outreach Team (H.O.T. Team) focuses on helping people find housing and other services.

Thanks to partnerships with other homeless providers and the Housing First program, the H.O.T. Team has been able to impact many lives. Since February 2013, the Homeless Outreach Team has:

  • Helped more than 900 people move from homelessness into permanent or transitional housing
  • Reunited more than 600 people experiencing homelessness with family members or friends willing to take them in and give them a home
  • Helped more than 500 people experiencing homelessness obtain shelter
  • Made contact with people experiencing homelessness more than 12,000 times