Family Tees

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What are Family Tees

For most young players and new golfers, the existing forward tees are too long. The Family Tees program was designed so that players can have the opportunity to make pars and birdies by playing from a yardage that enables them to reach each green in regulation.

Family Tee HoleThe Family Tees uses two sets of tees that scale the golf course for players whose driver carry distance is 150 yards or less. It is essential to help players of all ages and ability reach the green in regulation and have the chance to make par, while improving pace of play on the golf course. At its core, the Family Tees program uses two sets of tees designed to enable golfers with shorter driver carry distances to enjoy the same golf experience as players with longer driver carry distances. In this way, the program is a step toward involving the entire family in the game, including many younger and non-traditional golfers, who may have previously found golf too time consuming and intimidating.

Golf Wichita wants to help players enjoy a real golf experience while reaching greens in regulation...and improving pace of play!

Who Can Play from the Family Tees

Young Players

This program was designed with kids in mind. When kids are first learning to play golf, they often lack the physical ability to hit shots long enough to effectively manage the golf course. On course experience is essential to players learning the game and crucial for the retention of beginner golfers. Kids shouldn't be limited to the driving range or the practice green, and these tees make playing golf possible for these young players.

All Golfers Can Enjoy Playing From the Family Tees

The Family Tees should not be limited to young golfers. All golfers, especially beginners, will enjoy the experience of playing quicker and shooting low scores. Further, more experienced golfers can use these tees as a way to hone aspects of their approach game or play a faster round.

All Golf Wichita Courses have Family Tee scorecards available in the clubhouse!