How to be a Better Golfer

Becoming a better golfer takes time, dedication, and practice. Here are some tips to help improve your golf game.

  1. Tips to Maintain Pace of Play
  2. Tips on Golf Etiquette
  3. Relaxed Rules

Tips to Maintain Pace of Play

  • Arrive at the first tee 10 minutes before your starting time.
  • Turn off your cell phone.
  • Choose a set of tees appropriate to your playing ability.
  • Keep up with the group in front of you.
  • Walk at a reasonable pace between shots.
  • Plan your next shot before you reach your ball.
  • From the time you select your club, until you hit your shot, should take no more than 45 seconds.
  • Be ready to hit when it's your turn; if you aren't ready, encourage one of your fellow golfers to play.
  • If sharing a cart, drop off the player at the first ball with a few club options, and drive on to your ball. The first person should be able to walk to the second person's location by the time they have hit their shot.
  • Read the green and line up your putt when you arrive on the green. Be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Leave your bag/cart on the side of the green that is closest to the next tee.
  • Record scores for the hole when you arrive on the next tee box.
  • Play a Provisional ball if you think yours is lost or out of bounds.
  • If you are near the green, but not on, place your bag on the side of the hole nearest the next tee. Take a few clubs and your putter so that once on the green you will not have to go back to your bag.
  • Do not teach your partners on the course; utilize the practice areas to teach.
  • Allow faster groups to play through.
  • The first person to hole out should grab the flag stick and be prepared to replace it when all golfers have holed out.
  • Each golfer should proceed directly to their golf ball, do not travel in packs.
  • Take only one practice swing per shot.
  • Putt out when you can.
  • Know what kind of ball you're playing and watch it until it stops rolling.
  • Have your discussions between shots, not once it is time to start playing the next shots.
  • If you can't reach greens in regulation with irons, move up a set of tees.
  • Know what the "time par" is on the scorecard and stay within it.
  • Accept Responsibility. Recognize that slow play isn't just the other guy's fault.