Junior Tour

About the Tour

No longer will you have to travel out of town to compete! The Junior Tour is designed to create a competitive tournament atmosphere locally for the junior golfers that are wanting to compete during the summer and improve their tournament play.

The cost per player is $75, which includes a gift for every participant. Age divisions will be utilized to make for a fair playing field, assignment to a division will be determined based on the players age at enrollment. The Junior Tour will consist of seven tournaments each held on Sundays. Each week players will pay a $10 green fee to play in the tournament (junior members are exempt), players are not required to play every week but are encouraged to do so to help increase their points for the chance to play in the Wichita Junior Cup.

After the sixth week, the top four players (based on points) from each division will be invited to play in the championship tournament. The Wichita Junior Cup will be held at Arthur B. Sim Golf Course. A catered lunch will be offered to all participants. The winning junior will receive the Wichita Junior Cup trophy for their age division!

2024 Tournament Dates

June 2Tex Consolver1 pmTee time$10
June 9MacDonald1 pmTee time$10
June 23Arthur B. Sim1 pmTee time$10
June 30Auburn Hills1 pmTee time$10
July 14MacDonald1 pmTee time$10
July 21Arthur B. Sim2 pmTee time$10
July 28
(Wichita Junior Cup)
Tex Consolver1 pmTee time$10
  1. Timeline
  2. Age Divisions
  3. Point System

Weekly Timeline (May 29 through July 23)

  • Monday's players are emailed, asking if they will be playing in Sunday's tournament
  • Cut off for Sunday's event is Wednesday at 5 pm
  • Tee times will be listed Friday at 12 pm on this web page
  • Players will pay the $10 fee at check-in day of tournament

Wichita Junior Cup (July 23)

  • Top 4 Junior Tour players (based on total points) will compete in this event
  • If a player in the top 4 is unable to participate, player with next highest points will be invited
  • Players are not guaranteed spots in the Wichita Junior Cup


  1. Boys 10-11
  2. Boys 12-13
  3. Boys 14-15
  4. Boys 16-17