Transit Access Plan

Study Purpose

This study is intended to be a guide for how the City should work to improve pedestrian access, safety, and comfort related to transit services.

Study Goal

To better align access, transit routes, bus stops, and amenities with ridership patterns and priorities for walkability.

Study Process

The study process generally consists of the following steps. Throughout the process, public involvement will be very important to help ensure that any recommendations meet the needs of the Wichita community.

  1. Existing Conditions
  2. Future Priorities
  3. Recommendations
  4. Review Process

Get Involved

You can help make Wichita even better, participate in the study process. The public engagement process will include an open house event, online survey, and discussions on buses.


Two committees have been formed in order to help ensure that this plan meets the needs of our community. In addition to the committees a Project Team has been created to help staff the process. Below are brief descriptions of each committee and the Project Team.

Steering Committee

This committee helps to guide the process, develop the plan, and ultimately endorse/approve the final draft for the presentation to the Wichita City Council. The Steering Committee is made up of the members of the City's Transit Advisory Board.

Technical Advisory Committee

This committee generally consists of City of Wichita staff members. The committee assists with the plan development by providing technical expertise and internal review of materials related to the plan. The Technical Advisory Committee generally consists of representatives from City departments that are responsible for policies, programs, and infrastructure related to transit.

Project Team

This team consists of City staff and members of the consultant team from TranSystems and Vireo. The Project Team is responsible for organizing the meetings and events; data collection; technical analysis; and writing the study documents.