Bike Racks

The Wichita Transit Department has bike racks on all of the Transit buses to accommodate your needs. Each bike rack can hold two bicycles. The bike racks increase transportation options by allowing a bicycle trip to be incorporated with public transportation.

Can I bring my bicycle on a bus?

If both bike racks are in use, it's up to the bus operator's discretion whether or not to allow you to bring your bicycle onto the bus. If the bus operator does permit you to board with a bicycle, try to sit near the rear exit. This will cause less inconvenience for the passengers boarding at the front of the bus. Remember to pick up your bike when you leave the bus!

How to get around Wichita on a bicycle

The City of Wichita maintains more than 60 miles of bike paths. Many of the bike paths travel through scenic areas such as the banks of the Arkansas River. The paths provide a facility for cyclists to have a safe, easy and enjoyable ride.

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