How to Ride

Basic Information

  • Inbound buses travel toward downtown.
  • Outbound buses travel away from downtown.
  • The standard fare is $1.75, and a full fare is required for every bus ride. Exact change is required, no change cards will be given.

How to Catch & Ride the Bus

  • STEP 1: Make sure you are at a designated stop along your route several minutes before the bus is schedule to arrive. Buses will only pick up at designated stops. All designated stops have bus stop signs. Buses will not pick up in construction zones.
  • STEP 2: As the bus approaches, step towards the street but keep back from the curb. Standing next to the bus stop sign lets the driver know you wish to ride the bus.
  • STEP 3: Once the bus comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door, allow riders to exit before boarding. Pay your fare using cash or bus pass.

How to Signal a Stop and Exit

  • STEP 1: Pull the bell cord along the wall as you approach the block closest to your desired stop. Please only ring the bell once.
  • STEP 2: Once the bus has come to a complete stop, leave your seat and move toward one of the exit doors.
  • STEP 3: For your safety, exit the bus using the handrail. If needing to cross the street, wait for the bus to depart before using the crosswalk.

How to Transfer

Riders needing to use multiple buses to complete their trip can buy a Day Pass from the driver of the first bus they ride. The Day Pass can be used on all other bus rides for the entire day.

Downtown Transfer Stops
Transit Center

11 & 21

12 & 22

13 & 23

14 & 24

15 & 25

16 & 26

17 & 27

28 & 29


There will only be two full line-ups everyday. Transferring between routes can be facilitated all throughout the City. Buses will be lined up in order of departure route numbers. The departing route number will be on each sign of the bay where the bus parks.

Monday - Friday
All routes will meet for a 6:10am line-up at Transit Center. Line-up will last at least 5 minutes.
Route schedules are adjusted for all routes to meet up at 6:15pm at Transit Center. Line-up will last 5 minutes, no staggered departures.
Line-up at 7:10am at Transit Center. Not all routes meet the line-up. Line-up will last at least 5 minutes
Route schedules are adjusted for all routes to meet up at 6:15pm at Transit Center. Not all routes meet the line-up. Line-up will last 5 minutes, no staggered departures.

Route Frequencies

Route frequencies vary among routes Monday through Friday. Saturdays all routes are 60 minute frequencies all day.

How Often a Bus Comes to Each Stop
Every 45 minutes (all day service)
11 & 12
13 & 23
14 & 24
15 & 25
16 & 26
17 & 27
21 & 22

28 & 29

Every 60 minutes (all day service)

16 & 26



Cross-Town Route Pairs

Each route is paired with another so riders can travel across town without needing to board another bus or pay another fare. Paired routes share the same color schedule and are identified under the route title on the front of each schedule. All routes are through-routed except 201 and 202.

Route Pairs
Connection Point
11 (old W Maple) & 21 (old E 17th)Douglas and Topeka
12 (old W Central) & 22 (old E Harry)Transit Center
13 (old N Broadway/Waco) & 23 (old S Broadway)Broadway and Douglas

14 (old Meridian - S portion) & 24 (old College Hill)

Paired routes meet each other at the Transit Center. Riders can ride through without getting of the bus or paying an additional fare.

Douglas and Topeka
15 (old Riverside/Meridian - N portion) & 25 (old E Central)Broadway and Douglas

16 (old S Seneca) & 26 (old S Main)

Paired routes that meet each other on both ends of their routes, but are only through-routed on one end. They through-route at 47th and Broadway but DO NOT through-route at the Transit Center. Customers should pay another fare at the Transit Center to access either route.

47th and Broadway Dillons
17 (old N Waco/Riverside) & 27 (E 13th)Transit Center
28 & 29 (new route covering areas of 3 old routes & E Lincoln)
Transit Center