Fares & Passes

Wichita Transit Fare Options

  1. Single-Ride Cash Fares
  2. Unlimited Ride Passes
  3. Paratransit Passes
  4. Westside Feeder Fares​
Single Ride Cash Fare
Adult Single Ride$1.75

Half-Fare Single Ride

(Half-Fare program recipient only)



(6-18 years with proper ID)



(5 years and younger)


Fare Policy

Transfers are not accepted

Each boarding will require a cash fare or a pass.

Day passes are sold on the bus

Day passes are sold on the bus for $5.00, this provides unlimited rides for the day. Day passes sold on the bus are good only for the day in which they are purchased. Day passes purchased at the Transit Center or Dillions are good on the day they are first used.

Exact change only

Fareboxes do not give change cards. If more than the exact fare is paid, there will be no money or change card given. This speeds boarding and helps keep buses on-time.

Pennies are not accepted

Pennies cause maintenance issues and slow down fare processing. We do not accept pennies on the bus.

One fare is good for one trip from one end to the other

Fares are good for one trip. Once the bus starts the return trip at the end of the route, a new fare is required. Most routes are combined into pairs. No transfer is required from end-to-end on the paired routes. For routes that are paired, only one fare is required to ride from one end to the other.

Ex. Route 13 (former North Broadway) and Route 23 (South Broadway) are paired routes so a passenger can ride from North 37th and Broadway to downtown and then to Pawnee and Mount Vernon for one fare and on one bus.