Arts & Cultural Services

The City of Wichita's Division of Arts and Cultural Services is a local art agency that works to support and advance Wichita's arts community and foster collaborations and connections with statewide, regional, and national arts partners.

The Division is responsible for:

State of the Arts Community Event

State of the Arts  (Square)Please join us on Tuesday, February 27 at Century II for a free and fun, informative networking event.

The 2024 State of the Arts event will explore how the arts generated $184.7M in economic activity in our community in 2022 and how we can work together to keep the momentum going with ourrevised Strategic Cultural Plan. National arts leader Randy Cohen of Americans for the Arts will deliver a lively keynote session about the Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 study and how Wichita's continued investment in the arts provides both social and economic benefits to our city.


Arts MixrThese free and very informal monthly gatherings are open to artists and art lovers of all ages and abilities who are interested in learning more about the arts in Wichita.

Our goal is to connect creatives throughout our community and spark conversations and collaboration. Each month, the ARTS MIXR takes place at different arts and cultural facilities in our community.

Upcoming ARTS MIXRs: