Cultural Arts Funding

For over a decade, the City of Wichita has granted funding to local arts organizations to recognize, preserve and celebrate Wichita's rich arts and cultural heritage - a heritage that has a tremendous impact on all residents' quality of life. For 2024, the City has awarded 26 organizations and individual artists operational support that has totaled more than $2.7 million.

The City offers three different grant opportunities that are awarded through a competitive process: Cultural Funding Operating Grants, Developing Arts Grants, and Artist Access Grants.

Read This First! Download Helpful Hints (PDF) to assist in preparing applications for Cultural Funding Grants. If you have questions about the grants or application process, please email Jesse Koza, Cultural Arts Administrator.

The Artist Access Grants provide professional development support for individual artists.


FY2024 Wave 2 application period closes February 1, 2024. Please email Jesse Koza, Cultural Arts Administrator, for information.

Individuals chosen for funding for 2024 include:

  • Twyla D Smith    $1,000
  • Timothy Jones    $998.60
  • Marco Hernandez    $1,000
  • Lucia Rose Suniga    $1,000
  • Janet Federico    $512
  • Joseph Peck    $1,000
  • Cody Flory Robertson    $1,000
  • Talia Bowman-Bekemeyer    $1,000
  • Jennifer A Larsen    $1,000
  • Connie Bonfy    $870
  • Total Funding     $9,386.60

Cultural Institutions

"Cultural Institutions" are arts and cultural organizations which have operations and activities in a facility that is owned and/or operated by the City of Wichita. The organization's audited annual revenues must be in excess of $50,000 for at least two preceding years. Cultural Institutions are funded by entering into three-year Operational Partnership Agreements. For more information about The Cultural Institution (CI) Grants Program, please refer to pages 13 to 14 of the City of Wichita Cultural Plan Addendum (PDF).

Organizations which qualify as "Cultural Institutions" include the following and will be funded at the following levels for FY2024:

  • Arts Council: $8,578
  • Kansas Aviation Museum: $43,221
  • Mid-America All-Indian Museum: $266, 086
  • Museum of World Treasures: $29,896
  • Wichita Art Museum: $2,313,942
  • Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum: $210,461

Total Cultural Institution Funding 2024: $2,872,184

Cultural Funding Committee

The Cultural Funding Committee is a subcommittee of the Arts Council, Inc. The committee is charged with reviewing grant applications and making funding recommendations to the City Council on various City of Wichita cultural arts grant applications. Learn more about the Cultural Funding Committee.