DSLR Photography instructors Christy Snodgrass and Doug Robertson talk about the different things students learn in the DSLR photography program at CityArts.

Acrylic Painting

Painting and drawing instructor Wil Fathi, and students Curtis and Barbara Haynes, talk about the acrylic painting class at CityArts.


Silversmithing instructor Barbara Vogt and student Tara Eakle talk about the silversmithing class at CityArts.

Glass Fusing

Glass fusing instructor JoAn McGregor talks about the glass fusing class at CityArts.


Glass-blowing instructor Robin Lies and student Nikki Cribbs talk about the glass-blowing class at CityArts.


Pottery instructor Charlotte Martin and student Rebecca Balocca talk about the pottery class at CityArts.