Drawing & Painting

Note: Classes meet once a week


Drawing FundamentalsMarch 28 to May 16Thursdays6-8 pm$165W. FathiRegister Now
Figure DrawingMarch 25 to April 29Mondays6-8 m$125L. EbachRegister Now

Drawing Fundamentals

This course develops students' visual awareness and understanding of the range of drawing materials and techniques. Students will develop responses to the visual environment employing varied stylistic and technical approaches. Exercises will include still life, figure study, portrait, and cityscape (weather permitting). This class is also perfect for those just wanting to brush up on past skills. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.

Figure Drawing

This course will go over the basics of figure drawing including full figure, and portraiture techniques. Students will have the opportunity to draw from a live model, to help capture the accuracy in structure, texture and posture. Supplies needed: sketchbook or canvas, medium of your choice. Age 18+


Acrylic PaintingMarch 30 to May 18Saturdays10 am-12 pm$165W. FathiRegister Now
Oil PaintingMarch 30 to May 18Saturdays12:45-2:45 pm$165W. FathiRegister Now
Oil Pastels with Acrylic & WatercolorMarch 26 to May 14Tuesdays6-8 pm$165W. FathiRegister Now
Non-Objective Composition with AcrylicsMarch 27 to May 15Wednesdays6-8 pm$165W. FathiRegister Now
Painting and Paper FlowersMarch 24 to May 5Sundays1-3 pm$125J. LechugaRegister Now
Painting Portraits with AcrylicMarch 24 to April 14Sundays1-3:30 pm$165D. SarterRegister Now
Watercolor PaintingMarch 25 to May 13Mondays6-8 pm$165W. FathiRegister Now

Acrylic Painting

Learn to paint using various applications on a variety of surfaces. This class is mixed with beginners and more advanced students to provide a collaborative work environment with positive feedback from peers, all while exploring different methods of acrylic painting. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.

Acrylic Painting with Wil Fathi (PDF)

Non Objective Composition with Acrylics

In this class, students will learn to compose paintings by arranging colors, shapes, lines and patterns in a non-representational manner. This is a design oriented class with emphasis of color interaction and composition. Ages 14+

Oil Painting

Learn how to get started in oil painting or improve and expand your current skills. You will gain the technical understanding of using oil paints in both a classic and modern way. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.

Oil Supplies - Wil Fathi (PDF)

Oil Pastels with Acrylic and Watercolor

In this class, students will explore the combination of three mediums: oil pastels, acrylic paint and watercolor. The student will design reductions and fragmentations of representational subject matter for creating abstract versions of themselves. Color theory and linear perspective will be discussed. Age 16+

This class will go over how to create a small portrait, learn to make hand-made paper flowers, and then incorporate the paper flowers into the portrait. Students will learn color theory and design principles to help them integrate the flowers into the art piece. Previous drawing experience required. Students will need to provide 11x14 canvas and acrylic paint. Age 16+ 

Esta clase es para hacer una pintura de un personaje, hacer flores de papel hechas a mano y luego incorporar las flores en la pintura acrílica. Los estudiantes aprenderán teoría del color y principios de diseño para ayudar a pintar e integrar las flores en la pieza. Clase bilingüe en ingles y español. 

This class will focus on teaching students how to paint a photo-realistic portrait or a design based on realism. Other topics covered will be anatomy, under painting, layering, color theory and color mixing. Supplies will be discussed during first class. Ages 14+

Watercolor Painting

Learn the basic techniques of watercolor painting, including flat and graded wash, wet-onto-wet and glazing. Various elements of design will also be covered. This class is designed for a beginner or someone wanting to brush up on their skills. Supplies will be provided for the first day of class only.

Watercolor with Wil Fathi (PDF)

One Day Workshops

Beginner Still Life Charcoal Drawing WorkshopFebruary 24Saturday2-3:30 pm$30R. McDanielEnroll in Beginner Still Life Charcoal Drawing Workshop

Beginner Still Life Charcoal Drawing

In this workshop, students will get a crash course on how to draw a still life. Still lives are a collection of objects observed by artists to enhance their skills and accuracy of their drawings. Students will practice contour lines, mark making, observation of proportions, shading and more. All supplies included. Age 16+