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Paper WeightsMarch 2Saturday10 am-12pm$65Gary / AaronFULL - WAITLIST ONLY
Memorial Paper WeightsMarch 10Sunday1-3 pm$65Gary / DougEnroll in Memorial Paper Weight 
Memorial Paper WeightsMarch 24Sunday1-3 pm$65Gary / DougRegister Now
Paper WeightsApril 6Saturday10 am-12 pm$65Gary / DougRegister Now
Paper WeightsApril 13Saturday10 am-12 pm$65Doug / KellyRegister Now
Memorial Paper WeightsApril 14Sunday1-3 pm$65Gary / DougRegister Now
Paper WeightsApril 20Saturday10 am-12 pm$65Gary / KellyRegister Now
Paper WeightsApril 27Saturday10 am-12 pm$65Gary / AaronRegister Now
Memorial Paper WeightsApril 28Sunday1-3 pm$65Gary/ DougRegister Now
Paper WeightsMay 4Saturday10 am-12 pm$65Kelly / AaronRegister Now

Paper Weights

Perfect for the beginner wanting to learn more about glass blowing. Learn how to navigate through the glassblowing process and create 2 paperweights, the starting point for future glassblowing projects. Age 16+

Memorial Paper Weight 

In this one-day workshop, honor a loved one who has passed by creating a unique paperweight using a small amount of ashes with the colors of your choice. Create a beautiful glass creation to remember a loved one or pet. No previous experience necessary; our instructors will guide you every step of the way. Bring one tablespoon of ashes to create a timeless memorial. Age 16+ 

GlassblowingMarch 26 to April 16Tuesdays6-9 pm$250Aaron / KellyCall 316-350-3245 to register
GlassblowingMarch 28 to April 18Thursdays10 am-1pm$250Doug / GaryCall 316-350-3245 to register
GlassblowingApril 23 to May 14Tuesdays6-9 pm$250Aaron / KellyCall 316-350-3245 to register
GlassblowingApril 25 to May 16Thursdays10 am-1 pm$250Doug / GaryCall 316-350-3245 to register


Learn the basics of this unique art form and produce different pieces and forms in hot glass. Demonstrations and instructions will be given for more complex forms. Beginners must attend the first class orientation. Glass fee is included in the class price. Note: Students must wear clothing made of natural fibers and a pair of tennis shoes and bring a pair of safety glasses. Age 16+.

Experience Glass Blowing