Prospective Artists

CityArts proudly exhibits local and regional artists. If you are interested in participating in a CityArts exhibition, please email Caitlin Waugh, Operations and Gallery Manager.

Note: Because CityArts books exhibitions months in advance, there may not be immediate opportunities available.

Gallery Spaces Available

Main Gallery

The Main Gallery space exists in the 1,600 square feet space of the first floor of CityArts. As one of the largest gallery spaces in Wichita, this space often houses collaborative and juried exhibitions. The high ceilings and open lighting system allows this gallery to accommodate a variety of shows, including unique installation art and multimedia work, as well as a great space for artists' talks and workshops.

Boardroom Gallery

With 85 feet of gallery space, the Boardroom Gallery is the second largest space in CityArts. Utilized for rentals and classroom space, the Boardroom Gallery is a closed-off, intimate room on the second floor. Open to the public when not in use, this gallery offers controlled lighting and is a great space for 2D, 3D, and multimedia artwork.

Balcony Gallery

The Balcony Gallery, located just outside the Boardroom, is roughly 65 square feet of space that includes both natural and adjustable track lighting.

Main Gallery Hall

This highly-trafficked space is a CityArts gem. Located just off of the Main Gallery, this is a 30-foot-long gallery wall that features industrial lighting and a vaulted ceiling.