Youth Classes

Note: Classes meet once a week and all supplies included, unless otherwise indicated

Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting for TeensFebruary 14 to March 6Wednesdays6-7:30 pm$75L. EbachCANCELLED
Drawing & Painting for Teen HomeschoolersFebruary 13 to March 5 Tuesdays10-11:30 am$75L. EbachCANCELLED
Drawing & Painting for Teen HomeschoolersMarch 26 to April 16Tuesdays10-11:30 am$75L. EbachRegister Now
Drawing & Painting for TeensMarch 27 to April 17Wednesdays6-7:30 pm$75L. EbachRegister Now
Drawing & Painting for Teen HomeschoolersApril 23 to May 14Tuesdays10-11:30 am$75L. EbachRegister Now
Drawing & Painting for TeensApril 24 to May 15Wednesdays6-7:30 pm$75 L. EbachRegister Now
Limited Palette PaintingMarch 27 to April 17Wednesdays5:30-7 pm$75M. ClarkRegister Now
Limited Palette Painting April 24 to May 15Wednesdays5:30-7 pm$75M. ClarkRegister Now

Drawing and Painting for Teens

This course is designed for ages 12-16 to introduce different techniques used in drawing and painting. Students will also get to explore other mediums commonly used. 

This class focuses on painting with a limited color palette. This teaches fundamental skills such as value, saturation, and the use of complementary colors. Age 6-15

Mixed Media

Art AdventuresFebruary 13 to March 5Tuesdays2-3:30 pm$75R. McDanielCANCELLED
Art AdventuresMarch 26 to April 16Tuesdays2-3:30 pm$75R. McDanielRegister Now
Art AdventuresApril 23 to May 14Tuesdays2-3:30 pm$75R. McDanielRegister Now
Art for TotsFebruary 16 to March 8Fridays9:30-10:30 am$60L. EbachCANCELLED
Art for TotsMarch 29 to April 19Fridays9:30-10:30 am$60L. EbachRegister Now
Art for TotsApril 26 to May 17Fridays9:30-10:30 am$60L. EbachRegister Now
Humble Beginnings
March 9Saturday11 am-12 pm$20J. Herman
Enroll in Humble Beginnings
Young Creatives
February 13 to March 5Tuesdays5:30-7 pm$75R. McDanielEnroll in Young Creatives
Young CreativesMarch 26 to April 16Tuesdays10-11:30 am$75M. LawrenceRegister Now
Young CreativesMarch 26 to April 16Tuesdays5:30-7 pm$75R. McDanielRegister Now
Young CreativesApril 23 to May 14Tuesdays10-11:30 am$75M. LawrenceRegister Now
Young CreativesApril 23 to May 14Tuesdays5:30-7 pm$75R. McDanielRegister Now

Art Adventures

This class is geared for youth in homeschool programs. Together, we will explore a variety of art mediums including painting and drawing, clay, collage and more. Along with creating, we'll learn art concepts and history. Projects will be altered for returning students. Ages 6-15.

Art for Tots

This course is designed for ages 3-5 to introduce different art mediums and practices through fun, tactile, age-appropriate projects. 

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings is a time for kiddos to develop their creativity and imagination while exploring their senses - sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste in a positive and fun atmosphere. This class will focus on simple and open-ended activities and provide a space for children to practice hand-eye coordination and using small hands to practice grasping. . Ages 1-4.

Young Creatives

Explore a variety of art methods including drawing, painting, clay, photography, and more! Create fun and interesting art to add to your young artists' gallery. All supplies included. Ages 6-12.


Teen PotteryMarch 25 to April 15Mondays1:30-3:30 pm$95K. SmalleyRegister Now
Teen PotteryMarch 25 to April 15 Mondays5:30-7:30 pm$95K. SmalleyRegister Now
Teen PotteryApril 22 to May 13Mondays1:30-3:30 pm$95K. Smalley Register Now
Teen PotteryApril 22 to May 13Mondays5:30-7:30 pm$95K. SmalleyRegister Now
Youth HandbuildingApril 2 to 16Tuesdays1:30-3 pm$65K. SmalleyRegister Now
Youth HandbuildingApril 2 to 16Tuesdays5-6:30 pm$65K. SmalleyRegister Now
Youth Handbuilding April 30 to May 14Tuesdays1-:30-3 pm$65K. SmalleyRegister Now
Youth Handbuilding April 30 to May 14Tuesdays5-6:30 pm$65K. SmalleyRegister Now

Teen Pottery

Teens will explore basic wheel-throwing techniques, hand-building and glazing. All supplies included. Ages 11-16.

Youth Handbuilding

This class is good for youth students who are too young to operate a throwing wheel but would still like to experiment with clay. In this course, students will learn pinch pots, slab building and coil building. An array of projects can be created in this class: doggy/kitty dishes, ceramic shakers, birdhouses, animal sculptures, etc. Low pressure and fun for young kiddos looking to create. Ages 6-11.

Cubism Selfie

Cubism Selfie

Students enjoy drawing and assembling their own unique self-portraits using inspiration from Picasso's cubist portraits.