Sales Tax & Revenue (STAR) Bonds

Sales Tax and Revenue (STAR) Bonds are a mechanism for funding major commercial, entertainment, and tourism projects. STAR Bonds are paid for by the increased state and local sales tax generated in the area. A STAR Bond project must meet many qualifications, including capital investment of at least $50,000,000, and businesses within the district must produce gross sales in excess of $50,000,000 each year. STAR Bond project requires local support and approval from the Kansas Secretary of Commerce.

Keeper of the Plains improvements and pedestrian bridgeThe Keeper of the Plains improvements and pedestrian bridge were part of the City's first STAR project.

Riverfront StadiumThe Riverfront Stadium was partially funded with STAR bonds and was completed in 2020.

Timmy Peckham FieldSTAR bonds provided the necessary financing to make the Stryker Sports Complex a regional destination for youth field sports.