Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services division oversees property transactions for the City of Wichita. This work includes buying real estate for City projects, selling surplus parcels, and leasing and managing properties not directly utilized for City purposes.

The division also performs advisory services such as asset valuation, project budgeting, site selection, and marketing and sales of catalyst sites and other specialized assets and other real estate-related projects.

Real Estate Services manages a large portfolio of different types of property. Additionally, the division identifies and markets property deemed surplus to the City's needs. 

A summary of the Real Estate Service's functions and responsibilities follows:

Property Sales

Real Estate Services is responsible for identifying, marketing and selling surplus property. Properties for sale can include virtually all types of property including residential and commercial land, commercial and residential buildings, non-buildable remnants, etc. Properties are marketed through a variety of methods including mailings, signage, internet listings, and media advertisements. Information is also available on the City's web page. The process for acquiring a parcel is described under the "Process for Purchasing City-owned Property" tab.

Advisory Services

Advisory services performed by Real Estate Services include market research, asset valuation, review of project alignments and options, document preparation and review, site identification, etc.

Property Acquisitions

Real Estate Services acquires property for all City projects. This includes acquisitions for roads and highways, water and sewer projects, City facilities, parks, etc.

Property Management

Operational responsibilities include leasing all usable properties not currently utilized for City purposes. At any given time, Real Estate Services is responsible for a portfolio of leases encompassing a variety of uses such as residential, commercial, retail, outdoor advertising, wireless sites, and agricultural. The division is also responsible for the maintenance of surplus parcels. The division manages property tax payments and exemptions for all City properties.

Available Property List

See a list of available properties.

Available Property Map

Some properties are subject to reversionary rights.

Process for Purchasing City-Owned Property

See instructions regarding property purchases through the City's Real Estate division.