Providing Resources & Opportunities for Proprietors, Entrepreneurs and Lenders

The PROPEL Small Business Loan Fund is a low-interest, short-term revolving loan program. The fund serves as another resource to help make access to capital more readily available to businesses located in the City of Wichita. The microloan program helps provide general working capital to qualifying small businesses.

The fund provides loans up to $20,000 to businesses that have the ability to repay a loan but may not be able to obtain financing through traditional sources.

Program Goals

  • Encourage business ownership and self-employment as a means of economic self-sufficiency for low- and moderate-income individuals.
  • Bridge the gap for businesses that might eventually qualify for bank financing and assist in preparing businesses for traditional bank relationships.
  • Spur job creation and retention for low- and moderate-income residents of the community who are employees of participating small businesses.
  • Promote entrepreneurship and business innovation as a means of harnessing the creative potential of small businesses and investing in the economic success of the community.

Requirements for PROPEL Loans

How to Apply for a PROPEL Loan

To apply for a PROPEL loan the business must be located within the City of Wichita, fill out the program application, and provide the required business documentation. 

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Applications can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF and printed.

Completed forms must be either mailed to Wichita City Hall or hand delivered to the first floor Information Desk at City Hall to the attention of PROPEL Loan Program by 5 pm on the 30th day of each month. Completed forms will NOT be accepted at the libraries or Neighborhood Centers.

Mailing Address:

City of Wichita
Attn: PROPEL Loan Program
13th Floor
455 N Main
Wichita, KS 67202

PROPEL Stories

Hannah Thompson's Reel Photography studio and Selfie Museum, located on Douglas across from East High, was funded in PROPEL's initial round.

"This is my first time having a business loan and the process has been easy."