Pension Management

The City of Wichita's Pension Management Office administers the activities of the City's two distinct pension systems and sponsors the City's Deferred Compensation (457) Plan.

The Police and Fire Retirement System of Wichita, Kansas (PFRS) covers all commissioned police officers and firefighters employed by the City of Wichita. The Wichita Employees' Retirement System (WERS) covers all full-time noncommissioned employees of the City of Wichita.

The Pension Manager is responsible for the administration of the pension system. The Pension Management Office is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Pension Systems, payment of all pension benefits, and producing annual reports and benefit statements for members of the Systems. Most importantly, the Pension Management Office provides assistance to employees, retirees, and beneficiaries of the systems.

City Pension Systems Benefit Information

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Pension Minutes