Treasury ensures the safe and prudent handling and investment of the City of Wichita's cash and idle funds, and also makes certain that the administration of Treasury management functions is executed in conformity with applicable legal and statutory requirements.

The Treasury Division provides for the safe, efficient, and prudent handling of the City's cash assets through establishment and monitoring of policies and procedures related to cash handling, investment of idle funds, and revenue collection activities. The City Treasury Division is responsible for the following:

  • Receiving and accounting for all monies paid to the City of Wichita.
  • Making disbursements for expenditures that have been vouchered for payment by the City Controller's Office.
  • Investment of City funds not required to meet immediate expenditure needs.
  • Administering the City's business licensing and dog licensing programs.
  • Managing the City's banking and investment relationships.
  • Managing City Hall Express, operating daily from 7:45 am to 5:15 pm, facilitating customer payments and collection of City revenues, ranging from Water bills to licensing fees.
  • Processing mail-in payments to the City (including payments to the Water, Sewer, and Storm Water utilities).

Pooled Funds Investment Policy

City cash (exclusive of pension funds administered by the Wichita Retirement System) not immediately needed for City expenditures is invested in U.S. Treasury and agency securities, fully collateralized bank and time deposits, and other instruments as permitted by State statute. The City of Wichita has received expanded investment authority from the Kansas State Pooled Money Investment Board. Expanded investment authority entitles the City to extend the maturity of its investments from two to four years and authorizes investments in agency securities to further diversify the portfolio.

In accordance with K.S.A. 12-1675 and amendments thereto, the City of Wichita periodically has money available to invest in certificates of deposit (CDs) of eligible banks, savings and loans and savings banks with main or branch offices located in the City of Wichita. In order to bid on available funds of the City, appropriate forms and agreements must be completed and approved by the governing body. If you are interested in submitting bids on funds available for investment or have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Treasurer's Office for further information.