CSBG Board

The WSCCAP program's local advisory group is the Community Services Block Grant Review Committee which reviews program and expenditure information. Staff also partner with community agencies through financial and non-financial contracts for services that support the core mission. All programs are funded by the federal Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).

Board Elected Officers

Mary Dean
Latasha Eley KellySecretary
Shaunna MillarVice Chairperson

Low-Income Representatives

Sheryl BattLow-Income Southwest Representative
Mary Dean
Low-Income Northwest Representative
Armando MinjarezLow-Income Southeast Representative
Bryce GrahamLow-Income Northeast Representative

Public Sector Representatives

Tommy BenfordPublic Sector District 1 Representative
Ryan McdouglePublic Sector District 3 Representative
Stephanie YeagerPublic Sector District 4 Representative
Shaunna MillarPublic Sector District 6 Representative

Private Sector Representatives

Latasha Eley KellyPrivate Sector District 1 Representative
Paul FarhaPrivate Sector District 3 Representative
Cheryl OlsthoornPrivate Sector District 4 Representative
Case BellPrivate Sector District 6 Representative

If you are interested in learning how you can be a part of our board, contact us to learn more about the process today!