Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one person to maintain power and control over another in an intimate or familial relationship.

DV relationships may include current or former spouses, dating partners, girlfriends/boyfriends, fiancée, current or former roommates, immediate family members, and individuals with a child in common.

Domestic Violence Resources

Types of Crimes That Are Charged as Domestic Violence in Municipal Court

Battery & Assault

  • Violation of a protection from abuse order
  • Unlawful restraint
  • Telephone harassment
  • Preventing a victim or witness from making a police report
  • Damage to property

Risk Factors

  • Heavy alcohol and drug use
  • Depression and suicide attempts
  • History of being physically abusive
  • Economic stress
  • Low self-esteem
  • Desire for power and control in relationships
  • Attitudes accepting or justifying violence and aggression

Risk and Protective Factors / Intimate Partner Violence / Violence Prevention / Injury Center / CDC

Warning Signs

  • Extreme jealousy
  • Possessiveness
  • Destroys your property
  • Forced sex or disregard of their partner's unwillingness to have sex
  • Controls all the finances
  • Abuse of other family members, children or pets
  • Accusations of the victim flirting with others or having an affair

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: Signs of Abuse

Strangulation ("Choking")

Has your partner put their hands on your neck or throat?

Strangulation is very dangerous. When the body is deprived of oxygen, loss of consciousness will result, if continued, ultimately death. Loss of consciousness may happen within seconds and death within minutes. If you have been choked or strangled, you should seek medical attention. Death can occur days or even weeks after the attack due to carotid artery dissection and respiratory complications such as pneumonia, acute, respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and the risk of blood clots traveling to the brain. Up to 68% of Domestic Violence Victims will experience near-fatal strangulation.

Power & Control Wheel

The Power and Control Wheel is a tool that helps explain the different ways an abusive partner uses power and control to manipulate a relationship. Download a copy of the power and control wheel (PDF).

Power And Control Wheel