Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Highland Cemetery, founded in the 1870s and the resting place of pioneers, is the oldest cemetery in Wichita. The Wichita Cemetery Company abandoned Highland on July 1, 1982. The City Council then assumed responsibility for Highland under K.S.A. 13-14c01 on September 21, 1982. The assets were transferred to the City December 22, 1982. The Historic Wichita Board was directed to oversee the cemetery after the City took control of it (see sections 2.12.500 through 2.12.550). However, this Board was dissolved by the City Council during 1987. Most of the rules and regulations regarding cemetery management have been drawn from the official minutes of the Historic Wichita Board. Public Works/Park Department now reports to the Historic Preservation Board on an advisory basis.

During January, 1989, Jamesburg Park Cemetery, 1500 N Tyler Road, was also abandoned.

The rules herein established are designed for the protection of lot owners. Enforcement of these rules and regulations will help protect our cemeteries and create and preserve their beauty. All lot owners, visitors and contractors performing work within the cemeteries shall be subject to said rules and regulations.

Interment Order

Any person who is authorized to request that a deceased person be buried or disinterred in a City-owned cemetery.

Monument Placement

Any person requesting a monument to be placed at the gravesite of a deceased person or supplying a monument on a pre-need basis.