Special Events

Community Event

All citizens are welcome to utilize public property including City facilities and certain City streets for special events. Arrangements for usage of the public places must be made through a community event application submitted to the City Manager's Office no less than 45 days prior to the event.

Community Event information and forms

Fireworks Display

A person engaged in the display of fireworks, the use of pyrotechnic special effects material, or an indoor pyrotechnic display in the City of Wichita.

Haunted Houses, Halloween Houses, Mystery Mansions & Ghost Walks

The public is invited to view, be entertained, scared or amused by simulated creations of sound, theatrical displays or distractions, or sight and feeling of a ghoulish, ghostly, spectral, imaginary and haunting nature in the spirit of and celebration of the holiday known as Halloween.

Neighborhood Block Party

Residential streets or alleys may be closed for up to 5 hours to hold a neighborhood party involving residents in a block or specific area. No fee is required.


Any person, firm, partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind that is responsible for conducting the parade of an organized procession of persons, motor vehicles, bicycles, floats, animals or large objects, or any combination thereof traveling in unison along or upon a street or roadway which requires the closure of streets and/or intersections or the regulation of vehicular traffic by police to prevent a conflict with the normal or regular flow of traffic upon the street or roadway.