Arkansas River

River Water Quality

The Arkansas River and Little Arkansas River are valuable assets providing pastoral beauty, wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities to Wichita and the region. Over the years, water quality in these rivers has improved substantially with more effective treatment technologies, better land management practices, and increasingly more stringent water quality regulations. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity for additional improvement.

Extensive water quality testing continues through the efforts of the City of Wichita, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, and the United States Geological Survey. This sampling provides data that further defines the sources of contamination detrimental to the river.

Wichita Clean Streams

Formerly known as River City WRAPS, Wichita Clean Streams's vision is to improve and protect the water quality of the Arkansas River and its watershed.

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Boating & Access

The Arkansas River Access Coalition, a consortium of municipalities, counties, and various user groups, has united to develop 120 miles of the Arkansas River into a recreational amenity that will draw users from all around the region.

Desired recreational uses include, but are not limited to, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, fishing, and hunting. To achieve this objective, a Master Plan has been created as a blueprint for developing access points at desired intervals in a way that is both cost-effective and protective of the Arkansas River's natural amenities and character.

Project Goals

  • Protect the natural amenities and character of the Arkansas River corridor.
  • Develop a Master Plan for recreational river access.
  • Develop access point types and supporting facilities.
  • Develop prioritized list of access points
  • Build public awareness and support for the project's vision