Home Repair

Home Improvement Programs

The Home Improvement Programs assist homeowners and landlords in Wichita with critical home repairs to existing structures to maintain safe, healthy and affordable housing options in Wichita to benefit low and moderate income households.

The Home Repair Application is now available! Click on the blue link to start the application.

Applicants must own the home, live in the home, be current on property taxes, have homeowner's insurance and have a qualifying income to be eligible.

All applications will be reviewed, and eligible projects will be assigned to a wait list based on impact to health and safety, past use of the program, and alignment with other program priorities.  Once an eligible project reaches the top of the wait list, staff will reach out to applicants to request additional documentation to confirm eligibility and initiate the project. Other eligibility considerations apply and will be reviewed as projects are vetted for final approval.

  1. Home Repair Program
  2. Rental Rehab Loan Program
  3. Historical Loan Program

Home Repair Program

The Home Repair program assists low- and moderate-income homeowners with critical home repairs to achieve the following outcomes: 

  1. Stabilize homeowners within their primary unit of residence, assisting with the goal of sustaining affordable homeownership.
  2. Assist with critical repairs for existing affordable housing units to maintain and sustain these units as affordable housing stock within the City.

To apply, please go to the Home Repair Application

The Home Repair program provides up to $25,000 in assistance for projects that assist with health, safety, and preventative maintenance needs.

  • Basic Repairs allow for up to $5,000 in assistance for critical home repairs, such as water service and sewer line updates, furnace and water heater replacements or other key upgrades. 
  • Comprehensive Repairs can assist homeowners with multiple or complex projects, or projects that exceed $5,000 in hard costs, up to a maximum of $25,000 per household. A lead risk assessment must be conducted and approved projects must address any issues identified, as well as remediate open code violations. Homeowners will be required to provide a 10% match for all funds in excess of $5,000.
  • Home Improvement Loan Program funds can subsidize the interest rate for private home improvement loans by providing up to a $5,000 grant to "buy down" the interest rate to as low as 2 percent. 
  • Lead-based paint regulations apply to all program options. 

This program is available for homeowners who meet the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be the homeowner of record on the legal title
  • The homeowner must reside in the home as the household's primary residence
  • Total household income cannot exceed 80% of Area Median Income, based on household size
  • Property taxes on the home must be current
  • Homeowner's insurance on the home is required
  • This program contains additional eligibility considerations to ensure compliance with Federal funding sources and all program goals. Additional eligibility considerations will be reviewed as part of the final project approval process.

Program assistance will be provided in the form of an interest-free deferred loan

  • The first $5,000 will be considered a forgivable deferred loan and will be forgiven after five years, provided the assisted homeowner does not sell the home or transfer ownership. Assisted homeowners must also continue to occupy the home as their principal residence for the entire five-year period.
  • Up to $20,000 in additional Home Repair funds may be issued as a non-forgivable deferred loan and will be due and payable upon sale or transfer of the unit. 

Additional program requirements and restrictions apply. The City's ability to assist with a project may be limited by scope, cost, funds available, lead or environmental hazards identified, or other considerations.