Emerging & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

The City of Wichita is committed to ensuring equal opportunity, promoting diversity and enhancing economic opportunities for Emerging and Disadvantaged businesses.

It is our vision to enhance opportunities for qualified Emerging and Disadvantaged businesses by increasing their representation and utilization (measured by the amount of dollars spent) in the competitive base of contractors from which the City regularly purchases goods and services and ensure that all suppliers have equal access to the City's purchasing opportunities. To facilitate achieving this intent, the City of Wichita has established annual participation and utilization goals, minimum scoring on RFP evaluations, and quicker payment terms. For more information on the City of Wichita's EBE/DBE Program or to Register for Certification with the City of Wichita as an Emerging Business Enterprise, see the following links.

EBE Reporting

The City of Wichita is a proud supporter of entrepreneurship and an activist in helping emerging business enterprises. Every quarter, the City of Wichita Purchasing Division reports the dollar amounts spent with qualified EBE businesses to City Council. See the following reports.