Other Plans

NameAdoption DateSummary
21st North Corridor Revitalization Plan (PDF)January 2005
This study examines lands adjacent to 21st Street North in Wichita. The purpose of this study is to create a successful 21st Street North Corridor Revitalization Plan for Wichita that will revitalize 21st Street North between Amidon and Hillside.
47th to 55th Street South Joint Area Plan (PDF)June 2008
In mid-2007, the City of Derby, the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County jointly agreed to develop a tri-jurisdictional land use plan for the unincorporated area located between 47th and 55th Street South, and K-15 to 159th Street East.
Arena Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan (PDF)November 2007
The Arena Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan is the result of forward thinking related to existing assets, potential opportunity, and leveraging the catalyst of a Downtown Arena for Wichita–Sedgwick County.
Center City Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (PDF)February 2000
In 1998, the City of Wichita and the Centercity Organized Revitalization Effort (C.O.R.E.) applied for and received a Metro Community Capacity Building Grant for redevelopment within areas identified within the City’s Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.
Douglas Avenue Corridor Transit Oriented Development Study (PDF) 
The City of Wichita, WAMPO, and the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation completed design concepts for the Douglas Avenue corridor during the second half of 2011.
Hilltop Neighborhood Plan (PDF)August 2000
This Plan was initiated by the City of Wichita in its application and receipt of a Metro Community Capacity Building Grant from the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing.
K-96 Corridor Economic Development Plan (PDF)December 2004
The K-96 Corridor Economic Development Plan represents an effort that spans two counties and intersects four communities. Reno and Sedgwick counties and Maize, Mt. Hope, Haven, and South Hutchinson have come together to plan for the K-96 Corridor.
McAdams Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (PDF)June 2003
In late 2000 the 21st Century Coalition for Neighborhood Revitalization was formed to eliminate substandard housing. The Community Development Committee was subsequently created to work with neighborhood and government officials in developing this plan.
McConnell AFB Joint Land Use Study (PDF)Completed May, 2005
There were two principal factors that resulted in the determination to conduct a JLUS analysis. One factor involves the continuing pressure of urban development around McConnell AFB. The second factor was the recent change in mission for McConnell AFB.
Nomar Branding and Architecture (PDF)March 2007
The guidelines within this plan offer concepts for naming and brand development, signage design and color selection.
NOMAR Feasibility Study (PDF)September 2007
This Feasibility Study examines consumer demand for the facility and projects operating costs and revenues for the market.
North Old Town Public Infrastructure Assessment (PDF)Completed January, 2008
Flooding has been a big issue for several years in the North Old Town area. So, the City wants to anticipate public infrastructure needs should redevelopment continue throughout the North Old Town area.  
Oaklawn-Sunview Neighborhood Revitalization Plan (PDF)March 2002
In late 1999, Sedgwick County, the Oaklawn Improvement District and Community Housing Services recognized that the Oaklawn/Sunview area was in need of revitalization. Proposals were solicited for a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, resulting in this work.
South Wichita-Haysville Area Plan (PDF)April 2002
In May of 1999, a devastating tornado tore through the heart of Haysville and the south Wichita area. In the aftermath of this storm, a commitment was made by the City of Haysville, Sedgwick County and the City of Wichita to develop a Revitalization Plan.