Information Technology


Open IT Positions

We currently have a few positions in Information Technology. Watch NeoGov for these openings and join a team that has a broad range of responsibilities, great benefits, and a direct impact on the community.

View available job openings on the Governmentjobs website.


This workgroup oversees the management of the IT department. Several performance measures including cost per PC are utilized in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of IT services. In addition, they oversee the financial solvency of the department by paying the bills and administering the internal charge-back system.

Business Solutions

The Business Solutions group is tasked with optimizing software systems for use by City Departments and leading application upgrade/update projects. Application Support seeks to minimize downtime and maximize the usefulness of the software the departments use through support staff training, software selection, and software updates. Like the applications, downtime is a priority that is addressed through updated and maintained systems and trained staff.


The GIS group develops and updates GIS applications and data layers for use in nearly every City field operation, including Police, Planning, Public Works and Utilities Fire, and the Office of Central Inspection. GIS also coordinates data sharing with Sedgwick County, providing weekly updates to the City GIS databases so that users have the most up-to-date information. In addition to application development and data management, the GIS team is available to fulfill mapping requests and assist in investigating ways GIS can be helpful for businesses and citizens. For the latest in developments please visit City of Wichita GIS.

Service Desk & Telephony

The Service Desk responds to staff needs and ensures supported software and hardware, including PCs, laptops, thin clients, and peripherals are available and functioning properly. Service Desk's performance strategies include:

  1. Each analyst has a specialization, rather than all analysts trying to know all things.
  2. Utilize new technology to create efficiencies where possible such as remote assistance.
  3. Staffing phones during business hours with at least two analysts.
  4. Setting and implementing standards for desktop hardware and software to ensure a supportable computing environment.
  5. Analysts' training in hardware and software is kept current to ensure they can help when called, and
  6. Seek to maintain 1 Service Desk Analyst per 400 PCs (both phone and desk side) so that calls will be answered in a timely manner.

IT Operations (Network)

IT/IS Operations is responsible for all IT hardware and network equipment, and maintaining the security and integrity of the Citywide network. Network downtime debilitates many City functions, and thus is a performance measure. Operations seek to minimize this by:

  1. Protecting the network from external corruption through monitoring tools.
  2. Upgrading the network when feasible.
  3. Timing upgrades in off business hours.

Open Data

This is the community's public platform for exploring and downloading Open Data, discovering and building apps, and engaging to solve important local issues. You can analyze and combine open datasets using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. View the Wichita Open Data Portal.

Internet Technology / Application Development

This workgroup develops and maintains the City website, all internal web-based applications, Intranet, internally developed applications, and all associated infrastructure. The group also searches for e-commerce opportunities and supports departments that do business electronically. They develop internal applications requested by departments and develop and maintain e-government strategies.