NE Heights Comprehensive Plan Amendment

NE Heights Comprehensive Plan Amendment (PDF)

In 2018, residents of the Northeast Heights Neighborhood Association, in concert with their 1st District Council Representative, expressed concerns about the possible negative impacts of commercial land uses adjacent to residential property in their neighborhood. The area in question is a one square mile area bordered by Hillside Avenue on the west; Oliver Avenue on the east; 21st Street on the south; and 29th Street on the north. After a series of neighborhood association meetings during the fall of 2018, Metropolitan Area Planning Department staff developed a series of policies that are consistent with the current Comprehensive Plan (Community Investments Plan 2015/2016) and the concerns of area residents regarding the impacts of commercial uses intruding on an otherwise stable and intact, mostly single-family neighborhood. The Neighborhood Association concurred with the policy recommendations.

Policy 1 recommends an area at the northwest corner of Oliver and 21st Street for more intensive development. Policy 2 recommends sufficient buffering be provided between any non-single-family residential development and adjacent residential uses. Policy 3 specifies that all new construction projects submit drainage plans that meet current and future storm water management practices.