Drought Update

The City of Wichita entered Stage 1 of the codified Drought Response Plan (Section 17.14.020) in January 2023. A critical factor in drought stage is rainfall in and around the Cheney Reservoir. For more information about annual precipitation trends in the Cheney Reservoir please visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website. To keep up to date on the current stage of drought response and conditions, as well as water saving tips and rebate information please come back to this page periodically.

Drought Stage

Wichita gets its water from 2 sources:

  • Cheney Reservoir which relies on rain runoff to fill
  • Equus Bed Aquifer where we store groundwater for future use

Drought Stages are determined by the average level of the Cheney Reservoir over a year-long period within the conservation pool. Learn more about drought stages.

Currently, we are in Stage 1 - the 12-month average level is at 73.8% which is a decrease of 1.0% in January. The next drought trigger is at a level of 50%; 69% of the conservation pool.

Current Rebate Highlight

  • Amount left: $0 of $125,000
  • Most popular rebate item: High-efficiency toilets (352 rebates)

Current Cheney Level

Although we use the 12-month average to determine the drought stage, the current level of Cheney Reservoir is 69.2% full an increase of 1.2% in January.