How You Can Save Water

Over 20% of the average Wichitan's annual water usage can be attributed to use outside the home. Since outside usage occurs mainly during the summer and is easier to reduce than inside usage, the City is highlighting outdoor water conservation tips first. As we approach the end of the summer, indoor tips will be added. Follow the simple steps outlined below and discover how easy it can be to conserve water and save money on your water bill!

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Saving water doesn't have to be difficult. We picked the three easiest ways to make a difference without much effort.

  1. Water before 10 am - Water your grass before 10 am to avoid the hottest times of the day. Watering during the early morning will increase efficiency, as less water will evaporate. Early morning watering also helps to avoid fungal problems associated with late evening and night watering.
  2. Water deeper and less often - It's better to water less often and increase the amount of time you water instead. This approach is more effective than watering a little bit every day. Not only does this method reduce evaporation, it makes your yard more drought-tolerant by encouraging deeper root growth.
  3. Mow higher and mulch clippings - Mow your grass one inch higher during the summer. Also, mulch your lawn clippings instead of bagging them! Not only do clippings provide a good nutrient source for your lawn, they can provide shade for the ground and root system, reducing evaporation.