Internal Conservation Plan

Concepts & Strategies

The following concepts and strategies encompass the Internal Water Conservation Plan. Some of these steps have already been implemented through our commitment to overall water conservation and others could be implemented in the event we enter a drought response stage.

  1. Reduce water usage on City-owned grass-covered land
  2. Reduce water usage on City-owned Golf courses
  3. Reduce the water usage of City fountains and splash pads
  4. Reduce water usage at the Stryker Soccer Complex
  5. Protocol for handling water taste and odor complaints
  6. Utilize gray water from the Herman Hill Water Center to water trees
  7. Conservation-minded landscaping guidelines
  8. Reducing water used to inspect fire hydrants
  9. Upgrade irrigation technology to use water more efficiently
  10. Reducing water usage through technological upgrades
  11. Reducing water usage at Parks and Recreation facilities
  12. Reduced water usage in Public Works and Utilities Operations
  13. Reducing water usage for vehicle cleaning
  14. Reducing water usage for Fire training

Along with the above items, staff will determine the feasibility of utilizing each of the following water sources. In many cases, this will require a CIP project.

  • Utilize sump pump system water from City Hall for on-site irrigation
  • Recycle water from washing out concrete trucks
  • Recycle water from vehicle wash-bays at the Central Maintenance Facility and Transit facilities
  • Capture water from hard surfaces (parking lots, roofs) via cistern systems

Full Version of the Internal Water Conservation Plan

For more details, please reference the full version of the Internal Water Conservation Plan (PDF).