Plat Reviews Development Requirements

Proposed Land Use (Lot Splits, Plats & Newly Created Parcels of Land) Utilizing On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems and/or Water Wells

  1. 20,000 square feet minimum lot size, exclusive of dedicated public right-of-way, provided that approved public water supply is available and percolation rates are 1 inch in 60 minutes or less for use of subsurface wastewater disposal systems (septic tank/lateral systems).
  2. 40,000 square feet minimum lot size, exclusive of dedicated public right-of-way, if property has neither approved public water nor sanitary sewer and percolation rates are 1 inch in 60 minutes or less for use of soil absorption wastewater disposal systems (septic tank/lateral systems.
  3. 10,000 square feet minimum area available and reserved for installation of on-site sewage facilities.
  4. 5 acres minimum parcel size if percolation rates are slower than 1 inch in 60 minutes. A waste stabilization pond (lagoon) is required for sewage disposal on these parcels.
  5. Groundwater elevation (depth) from ground surface must be a minimum of 10 feet average.
  6. Sewage facilities must be kept entirely out of any floodway reserves or easements. Any requested encroachment into the 100 year flood plain will require special review and approval by the Sedgwick County Public Services Bureau and property owners will be responsible for providing any required surveys and certifications.

If sanitary sewer and/or public water is available to serve a property, it must be utilized. Lot size is dependent on Sedgwick County Zoning and Subdivision regulations.

(Percolation tests and/or soil borings are required and must be performed in accordance with Environmental Health procedures by an approved soils testing laboratory)

Contact the Planning Department

Contact should also be made with the appropriate planning department for other platting, splitting, or lot development requirements. In the Wichita planning area, contact:

Metropolitan Area Planning Department
271 W 3rd Street
Suite 201
Wichita, KS 67202

Phone: 316-268-4421

Installation of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems

View a summary of the portions of the Sedgwick County Code Chapter 14, Article V Sec. 23-127 Sanitary Code which apply to dividing and developing land.

Other requirements may also apply; please call 316-268-8351 if you need additional information.

Development Procedures for Areas Eligible for Platting Exemptions Using On-Site Disposal

  1. Prepare a sketch or plat map outlining the tract or area to be developed. Include dimensions. Submit to:
    1. Environmental Health
      455 N Main Street, 7th Floor
      Wichita, KS 67202
      Phone: 316-268-8351
      Fax: 316-858-7787

    2. County Code Enforcement and/or Public Works for preliminary review of floodplain/floodway reserves, access to public roads, and necessary easements.

      Metropolitan Area Building Construction Department (MABCD)
      271 W 3rd Street N
      Wichita, KS 67202
      Phone: 316-660-1840
      Fax: 316-660-1810

  2. Complying with the following, have area surveyed into tracts:
    • If this is in an area permitting 20-acre tracts under zoning regulations, tracts must be a minimum of 20 acres. Acreage must be calculated exclusive of dedicated public right-of-way.
    • If soil type indicates probable lagoon soils, tracts should be a minimum of 250 feet wide to allow proper placement of lagoons. Otherwise, tracts shall be a minimum of 200 feet wide.
    • Adequate land area shall be included outside of floodway/floodplain to allow proper placement of on-site sewage facilities. Refer to attached specification sheets for separation requirements.
    • Each tract shall have access from a public road. Refer to subdivision regulations, Section 3-105 for details.
  3. Submit the completed survey, legal descriptions of individual tract(s), and copies of filed deeds to MABCD for issuance of Platting Exemption(s).
  4. Submit the completed survey and legal descriptions of individual tract(s) to Environmental Health for review. Minimum soil testing requirements shall be determined and returned to the applicant.
  5. Have soil testing conducted. Submit results to Environmental Health. The need for further testing shall be determined by Environmental Health.
  6. MABCD shall forward approved Platting Exemptions to Environmental Health.
  7. Environmental Health shall issue an approval memo for use of on-site sewage disposal systems for a development, and set system requirements for each tract.
  8. Individual property owner(s) or their designated representative(s) shall apply to Environmental Health for issuance of a Construction Approval for on-site sewage facility. To obtain approval, apply in person at the Environmental Health office located on the 7th floor at 455 N Main Street An appointment may be made by calling 316-268-8351 and requesting to speak with a Water Quality Specialist regarding a septic permit. To save time, a site map and plan can be emailed to our Water Quality office before the appointment.
  9. After the sewage facility Construction Approval has been issued, individual property owner(s) shall apply to the MABCD for issuance of a Building Permit.
  10. Obtain all required inspections during construction of the sewage facility and the house.
  11. After construction of the on-site sewage facility, and when all inspections have been completed with satisfactory results, the on-site sewage facility shall be approved for use. MABCD shall be notified. Only after such approval shall the building "Occupancy Permit" be issued.