Park Bench & Tree Memorials

Wichita Park and Recreation offers three memorials for you to choose from to honor a family member, friend or coworker with a memorial in a beautiful Wichita park.

"The Park Memorial program is great for the City's park system and creates lasting memories for families."
David McGuire, Park Maintenance Superintendent

MemorialBenchMemorial Park Bench

A memorial park bench is a great way to remember a family member, friend or co-worker. Wichita Park and Recreation's experienced staff will work with you to find the perfect park and location within the park to make your memorial bench a permanent fixture. Each park bench includes a bronze 4-inch by 12-inch plaque with specialized wording of your choosing.


  • $2,000 Park Bench
  • $3,250 Plaza Bench

Includes a 6-foot Wichita park bench, engraved plaque, installation, and concrete pad. The Plaza Bench is required in specific areas. Please ask a member of our staff for requirements.


Memorial Tree

Memorial trees not only honor the memory of a loved one, they also assist in replenishing the timber population. Trees that were destroyed by storms or drought are replaced by memorial trees restoring Wichita's canopy in public areas and parks. A commemorative letter will be sent to you with information about your tree including its location.


  • $750

Includes 2 inch caliper tree from approved Park Forestry tree list, planting, tree watering for three years to establish, and commemorative letter.

All Memorial placements are subject to approval.

Donations are welcomed and encouraged for bench installations and tree planting in our beautiful Wichita parks. For questions or donations please email Lee Ann Sack or call 316-350-3171.

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