Wichita Bicycle Master Plan

The City of Wichita is developing a new Wichita Bicycle Plan, which will update the 2013 Wichita Bicycle Master Plan.

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The Wichita Bicycle Master Plan was developed by Wichita residents as a guide for the City. The process lasted more than two years, and included more than 50 public meetings and events. More than 4,000 people were engaged in the planning process. The planning process included presentations to multiple neighborhood associations and a variety of other organizations. Below is a listing of some key events during the planning process.

On February 5, 2013, the Wichita City Council unanimously endorsed the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan as a guide for future planning and decision making regarding public infrastructure investments, operations, and policies.


Two committees have been formed in order to help ensure that the Wichita Bicycle Master Plan meets the needs of our community. In addition to the committees, a planning team has been created to staff the planning process.

The following are brief descriptions of each committee and the planning team.

Steering Committee

This committee helps to guide the process, develop the plan, and ultimately endorse/approve the final draft for presentation to the Wichita City Council. The majority of Steering Committee members are citizens who have volunteered to assist with this project. Three of the Steering Committee members represent public organizations. There are many ways that the Steering Committee members will be involved in the process, including the following:

  • Participate in a minimum of six Steering Committee meetings
  • Assist with project oversight to ensure that this civic initiative accomplishes its purpose on time and within the budget
  • Assist in the development of plan goals and objectives
  • Assist in the review and development of a comprehensive network of bicycle facilities
  • Review and recommend policies and programs
  • Help develop criteria for setting priorities
  • Review and provide input on implementation strategies
  • Assist with the two public open house events

Technical Advisory Committee

This committee consists of City of Wichita staff members. The committee assists with the plan development by providing technical expertise and internal review of materials related to the plan. The Technical Advisory Committee generally consists of representatives from City departments that are responsible for planning, designing, constructing, maintaining, and policing public bicycle facilities.

Planning Team

This team consists of Planning Department staff and staff from Toole Design Group. The Planning Team is responsible for organizing the meetings and events, data collection, technical analysis; and writing the Plan document.