Sign Code


The purpose of the Sign Code is to create a comprehensive and balanced system of content and viewpoint-neutral regulation of signs to facilitate easy and efficient communication between people while protecting the First Amendment Rights of Individuals and businesses, to avoid visual clutter harmful to traffic and pedestrian safety, and to preserve and promote property values, business opportunities and community appearance.


Enforcement in the City

The Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of the Sign Code. If you are interested in learning how to submit a complaint, then please visit the Planning Department Enforcement page.

Updates & Changes

On June 15, 2023, the Wichita City Council approved changes to the Wichita Sign Code. These changes are intended to make the Wichita Sign Code more consistent with the provisions of K.S.A 25-2711 regulating political signs. The changes allow an unlimited number of temporary signs, regardless of content, on private property during an election period. An election period is defined as the 45 days prior to and the two-day period following any election. This period includes the time between an primary and general election. The signs may not exceed eight square feet in area, may not be more than five feet in height, and cannot be located closer than eight linear feet to a side property line. The signs may not be illuminated. For more information about the changes, please see the June 15, 2023 City Council meeting agenda, video, and minutes (available online).

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