Subdivision Regulations


The Wichita-Sedgwick County Subdivision Regulations provide uniform rules and procedures for the division and improvement of real property. This process works to ensure that new subdivisions are properly planned. In accordance with K.S.A. 12-741, et seq., and amendments thereto, it is the intent and purpose of these Regulations to provide for:

  • Efficient and orderly location of streets
  • Reservation and/or dedication of land for open spaces
  • Necessary off-site and on-site public improvements
  • The provision of recreational facilities that may include, but not be limited to, the dedication of land area for park purposes
  • Flood protection and stormwater pollution prevention
  • Designation of building lines where necessary
  • Assurances of compatibility of design
  • Other services, facilities, and improvements deemed appropriate
  • Prevention and/or mitigation of potential environmental hazards
  • Coordination of private and public resources to achieve planned and orderly development
  • Establishment of standards by which streets, utilities and other physical improvements shall be erected, constructed and/or installed

This is important because the division and improvement of land for urban and/or non-agricultural development has a significant and lasting impact upon the physical environment of the City of Wichita and the unincorporated portion of Sedgwick County, Kansas. It places increasing demands upon the public to extend and provide facilities and services thereto. It can also add wealth to the community, and increase the tax base of assessed valuation of real property. The creation of new streets, building lots, and utility systems requires significant public and private capital investments. Failure to properly size and construct adequate sewers and streets, ensure available water supplies, manage storm water runoff and erosion, and plan for public services results in physical and environmental problems to both the public and private sectors that are difficult and costly to resolve.