Professional Standards

The Wichita Police Department's mission is "Working in partnership with our community to deliver exceptional police services with professionalism and fairness."

Strategic Goals...

  1. Build honest and open internal and external relationships through open communication, inclusion, and trust.
  2. Implement industry standards to obtain and maintain infrastructure that addresses rapidly changing needs.
  3. Develop innovative approaches to prevent and reduce crime.
  4. Create a flexible workforce that addresses community needs and enhances employee morale through training and health and wellness programming.

Professional Standards

The mission of the Professional Standards Bureau is to ensure that all complaints or allegations against the Wichita Police Department or any of its members are investigated in a complete, fair, and impartial manner. The rights of all citizens and members of the Department shall be protected at all times during this process, and confidentiality shall be maintained at the strictest levels. We strive to gain the trust and confidence of the citizens we serve while maintaining the highest level of integrity for the Wichita Police Department.

Please read the following information prior to contacting the Professional Standards Bureau.

Citizens having a complaint about any member of the Wichita Police Department are encouraged to first contact that member's Bureau Commander or immediate supervisor. Most complaints can be resolved by the supervisor, who will determine the appropriate action to be taken after investigating the complaint. If the complaint is of a more serious nature, the supervisor will take an initial statement from the complainant and refer the matter to the Professional Standards Bureau for a formal investigation.

Citizens wishing to make a complaint directly to the Professional Standards Bureau should call 316-268-4256 to make an appointment. Complaints to Professional Standards are generally taken in person. A representative of the Professional Standards Bureau will meet with you privately and conduct a taped interview. A complaint affidavit will also be completed, to document the facts of the complaint and the allegations. The complaint will then be investigated by the Bureau and the results will be forwarded to the Chief of Police. A letter will be sent to notify you of the findings of the investigation.

Citizens are encouraged to make complaints of inappropriate behavior or misconduct by any member of the Wichita Police Department; however, all complaints must be made in good faith. Your complaint will be received in a professional manner and you will be expected to conduct yourself the same way. Unruly or inappropriate behavior on your part will not be tolerated. Should the investigation determine that the person or persons acting as complainants or witnesses made statements during the course of the investigation that he/she knew to be false, the Department may pursue criminal charges against the person or persons. Civil action against an untruthful complainant may also be pursued by the employee who is the subject of a false complaint.