The following options are available to assist Individuals and organizations looking to construct duplexes in the Established Central Area.

Design Consultation

Individuals and organizations can contact the Planning Department to request a subsidized one-hour design consultation at no cost to the participants. These sessions are an opportunity to review the designs with staff and an architect, and to identify options for duplex designs that are compliant with any design requirements or recommendations.

Duplex Design Guide

Duplex ImageThis document provides preliminary support for developers pursuing new construction of duplexes in established neighborhoods in Wichita. The document provides background information, information on the importance of design and walkability; sample floor plans; sample site plans; sample elevations; and references for additional information.

Download the Duplex Design Guide (PDF).


The Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department would like to know whether the Planning Department staff reports should include duplex design recommendations for duplex cases in the Established Central Area.

This conversation will be taking place with opportunities for feedback throughout. Below is a listing of previous and upcoming events related to this conversation. You can also provide feedback by submitting comments to the Planning Department.